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We Still In This Bitch!

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I weighed a mere 249 pounds this morning my strength on Bench and Squat are clearly way off from when I was a Big Fat Fuck. However, I feel I’m about to turn a corner and my strength is coming back. In other words as my booooy B.O.B. says, We Still In This Bitch! Rebuilding and readjusting to my new smaller but yet still jacked body isn’t fun and it’s extremely demanding. Last night i hit up some squat and I actually had to stop and reverse the weight myself even though i was in briefs. My gear doesn’t fit any more, it’s hard for me to even find a belt in the gym that fits anymore. I keep getting leaner every week and it feels like there is less of me to support the big weights.
One of the major problems with weight loss (30+ pounds or more) is the simple fact that you weigh less….Sounds funny right. But by having less overall mass it creates instability. Even worse you won’t be able to “squish” into your own fat to gain leverage at the bottom of a lift. So for me this has been a tough thing to deal with. So what hell will I do? Sit around and cry about it…
No it’s time to start hitting the platform again. I need to hit the platform and just perform whatever I can. I can’t worry about the old fatter me. My leg isn’t 100% so I’ll need to re build the old fashion way, through hard work, a lot of reps and a lot of sets. Step ups, sled, heavy ab work and Olympic squats is how I plan to squat big at 242. For the bench it’ll just take some time. I hurt my shoulder and that screwed me up, but it’s feeling better now.
I’m realizing that the meet I’m doing in March ain’t gonna be pretty but i’m going to set myself up to at the very least get through the damn meet. This may mean loose gear or token lifts. Whatever the result the fact that I just get back on the platform is the key. I plan to do another meet quickly after that and maybe one more before it starts to become balls deep hot out here in CA. In the meantime I will continue to hone in my skills and prepare for bigger weights each meet. I’m gonna keep building and working towards 25-26-and hopefully 2700 with a Power Magazine cover to boot.
From the beeznass side of things I be ballin so hard I need a jersey on!
Talks with Reebok, Rogue, SicFit and a few other big companies about all things related to the people’s coach. Lots of big potential projects in the works including a Powerlifting Shoe!
“We/I’m still in this Bitch”
Strength is Never a Weakness!
Mark Bell

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  • Chris Stricklan

    Hi mark, my name is Chris and I purchased the maddog sling shot. I’m gonna give it a try cause I want a 545 raw bench, I’m stuck at 500 raw now. I keep up on all your stuff on your sight. I will let u know how it goes, gonna try the maddog tomorrow at the gym, I will keep u posted.

  • Matt

    Just go the Rhino route and become so massively jacked that you no longer need fat to get leverages!

    You look good Mark. Do you feel a lot better now that you’re leaner? Healthier?

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