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Trip to SFCF

by on Jul.06, 2012, under Uncategorized

I made a trip up to San Francisco CrossFit with Ben Aldermen (owner of CF Gold in Natomas) and my homeboy Jesse Burdick. First stop was we had to pick up Burdick from his new stomping grounds. Shit what a cool looking place the Combat Sports Academy in Dublin is. You got famous trainers and athletes all under one roof. I was greated by the elusive but very real Harry Selkow. Max Aita was there rocking his OLYness and a power beard. Anyone who needs Olympic lifting advice please go visit Max at this gym he is an awesome guy and an increadble coach. Last but not least you got my boy Burdick who drops knowledge bombs all day long. Burdick works with all kinds of different people but he is about to start training some of the fighters……Look the hell out! The guys over at CSA are going to be able to punch your face into the 3rd row! Anyway the place ruled but we had to get are asses up to shoot some promo stuff for the release of Kelly Starrett’s book.

Driving through SF is always Wild with Burdick shouting directions and me having absolutely no clue where we are or what’s next. Burdick was nice enough to take me through China town…..Shit that was hilarious. We arrived at SFCF which is always so amazing because there really is no actual building or gym. It’s behind a department store and you train in the parking lot. Weights are pulled out of storage bin! Kelly does his PT out of a small storage bin he calls the Pain Box. Kelly kicked my ass in the pain box many times and today was no different as he detroyed my calves, knees and quads…..Yikes! Before all that though we had work to get to. Jesse, Ben and myself all deadlifted together while getting filmed for a promo vid that you’ll all see in about a week. Jesse and I hit up a shit load of sets with about 500 pounds while the camera guy was obsessing over the right shot. As a side not my deadlift feels amazing right now…..Hopefully that actually means something. I wanna pull over 800 in Novemeber! The shoot didn’t take that long and it was a lot of fun. Got to chill with friends, bs, and learn a shit load while talking with Kelly and Diane. Check out this Power Project video where Kelly sets my boy Ben straight with some ass kicking knowledge.

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