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We Still In This Bitch!

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I weighed a mere 249 pounds this morning my strength on Bench and Squat are clearly way off from when I was a Big Fat Fuck. However, I feel I’m about to turn a corner and my strength is coming back. In other words as my booooy B.O.B. says, We Still In This Bitch! Rebuilding and readjusting to my new smaller but yet still jacked body isn’t fun and it’s extremely demanding. Last night i hit up some squat and I actually had to stop and reverse the weight myself even though i was in briefs. My gear doesn’t fit any more, it’s hard for me to even find a belt in the gym that fits anymore. I keep getting leaner every week and it feels like there is less of me to support the big weights.
One of the major problems with weight loss (30+ pounds or more) is the simple fact that you weigh less….Sounds funny right. But by having less overall mass it creates instability. Even worse you won’t be able to “squish” into your own fat to gain leverage at the bottom of a lift. So for me this has been a tough thing to deal with. So what hell will I do? Sit around and cry about it…
No it’s time to start hitting the platform again. I need to hit the platform and just perform whatever I can. I can’t worry about the old fatter me. My leg isn’t 100% so I’ll need to re build the old fashion way, through hard work, a lot of reps and a lot of sets. Step ups, sled, heavy ab work and Olympic squats is how I plan to squat big at 242. For the bench it’ll just take some time. I hurt my shoulder and that screwed me up, but it’s feeling better now.
I’m realizing that the meet I’m doing in March ain’t gonna be pretty but i’m going to set myself up to at the very least get through the damn meet. This may mean loose gear or token lifts. Whatever the result the fact that I just get back on the platform is the key. I plan to do another meet quickly after that and maybe one more before it starts to become balls deep hot out here in CA. In the meantime I will continue to hone in my skills and prepare for bigger weights each meet. I’m gonna keep building and working towards 25-26-and hopefully 2700 with a Power Magazine cover to boot.
From the beeznass side of things I be ballin so hard I need a jersey on!
Talks with Reebok, Rogue, SicFit and a few other big companies about all things related to the people’s coach. Lots of big potential projects in the works including a Powerlifting Shoe!
“We/I’m still in this Bitch”
Strength is Never a Weakness!
Mark Bell

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ST Squats

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It was yet another splendid night at Super Training Gym in Sacramento last night. For some people in the World yesterday was just Tuesday but for me it means it’s Skwaat Day. Each day at ST kind of has it’s own feel with the Saturday DE squat sessions being the most fun and laid back. But Tuesday’s everyone….Well maybe it’s just me is really anxious to get rollin. So I can’t loosen up or calm down until we are about half way in. At that point i have a great mix of feeling up beat, having fun but still being aggressive. From time to time, although rare I can mess myself up with frustration and or just be in a bit of a shitty mood. But this comeback has been tough and I find myself less relaxed. As of late though I have been improving again and that makes shit fun. Last night i did the Thompson Squat Cycle. Normally it calls for 5×2 but I think I may have done about 7 sets of 2. The poison of choice for the night was the Safety Bar which you can see me using in the pic. We added chains every set until death occurred and then to make sure more death happen we worked up with singles. I ended switching the chain around a bit because nearly all 300 pounds was off the ground! Chains are supposed to deload more then that but I was lifting with short fucks. As a group Ryan Cove, Torta and myself got a lot of volume in and we were able to still hit some heavy ones in the end. MR Robot Pants sharted up 835 Reverse band while Silent Mike loudly nailed 470 or 480 for 2 raw then hit 605 reverse band!

Strength is Never a Weakness!

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Kelly Starrett changed my life!

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If you are serious and care about making progress then you need to subscribe to Power

Those of you who are subscribed to Power Magazine will end up being able to get info from one of the best coaches and Physical threapists in the world. Kelly Starrett hs changed my lifitng for the better and he will now do the same for you in his next article for Power. Last issue he wrote about having a chicken head and how the pez despenser look can really wreak havoc on your lifts. I used to try to keep my head and chest up and it simply didn’t work for me and it would actually make me lift worse. After meeting Kelly my squat went from 942 to 1080 @ 308 and 1047 @ 275. How is this possible Dr Starrett can only squat and pull about 500? Well Kelly is not an expert lifter nor does he claim to be. Kelly is an expert in human movment and effiency and that is how my squat increased 138 pounds! Now the readers of Power will be able to here from K-Starr first hand and hit there own PRs.

In this next issue of Power Kelly tackles over extension pants. Squatting with a midget ass can be very counter productive to your progress. The cue to push back, back, back can be detrimental to some.

On the cover and featured is the young World Record holder Eric Lillibridge. I interviewed Eric and we covered all his training and diet. Cube creator Brandon Lilly tells you how to prep for a meet. You want huge strong shoulders? Worlds Strongest Man Derek Poundstone shows you how to get it done. Charles Poiliquin comes out from the dark to answer a Q&A from me and Robot. Speaking of Robot he intreviewed me detailing my journey from having ripped pants to having a ripped 6 pack. Also on the line up KK, Ed Coan and the Carb Nazi John Kiefer.

The digital version of Power can be viewed on your Ipad or Smart Phone. Plus you get a year of back issues.
Stop being weak and go sign up

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No Mo Back Fat

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Included above are some pics of me getting less fat. An amazing thing is that I have almost stripped away all my back fat. This was an area I struggled with because I love candy and ice cream! Back fat has a lot to do with eating crappy carbs that spike insulin levels. Those of you with back fat try ditching your carbs and take Yohimbine on an empty stomach. That combo along with some cardio seemed to work well for me. For more info on this transformation check out the interview in Power Magazine from Mr Robot Pants where he gets me talk about everything from drugs, to fat intake to cardio. Subscribe today

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Powerlifting semainrs heading your way.

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Powerlifting Certs
Here is a list
Colorado where the beer flows like wine!
Where: Frisco, CO CF Low Oxygen
When: Nov 10-11
Where: Oakland CA CSA
When: Dec 1-2
Where: Los Vegas Nevada
When: Jan 12-13
Brand X
Where- Ramona, CA - 
CrossFit Brand X

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Power Project Mission Statement

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This message is sponsored by

(The Sling Shot has already been won, but the rest of the message is important.)

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Pushing Harder Than Ever!

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I’m still dropping some weight and getting leaner. The numbers on the scale are moving slower, however I am making huge strides in the mirror. Instead of having three chins, I now have an actual jaw. Instead of having tits, I now have veins running through my chest. Instead of disgusting side/back fat, I got side muscles. My powerlifting gear don’t fit, my shorts are falling down, and I’m swimming in my shirts. I even had to start using a smaller lifting belt! There has been some compromise in strength, but I am not concerned as I realize this will be a process and a long journey.

You hear people say it all the time:

It’s not the event, or the game, or even the end result that matters. It’s the journey…….

And if you’re like me you think…. “How fucking gay (no offense) is that?!”

But in this case the journey since my fall with 1,080 has been unique and interesting to say the least. I was faced with some crazy circumstances, and the thought that a fall like that could very well have been life threatening definitely ran through my head.  But instead of folding under pressure and giving in to common sense, I decided to fight back. I vowed to myself to push harder than ever. I decided to kick Mr. Resistance right in the cock and embark on making myself better in every aspect of my life.

This push to knock off 50 pounds certainly has changed things for me, and in some weird way I feel that something HUGE is about to happen… Not sure what that something is. Maybe a world record? Maybe bigger business? Who knows, but I do know that this amount and kind of work will turn into something. My work ethic and work load are at an all-time high and I love it! I feel I can take on more tasks and reach more people with this “svelte” look.


The discipline of diet isn’t always easy, but the reward is well worth it. For many of you out there trying to drop some LBS understand that YOU may have to work harder than the next person to get the same results….That’s life, that’s just the way it goes. But it is even sweeter when you work for it and it pays off big. Don’t start tomorrow. Start your journey NOW. I’m gonna paraphrase something I heard from a site called MP45:

There is one thing in this world that has the ability to change your whole life right now. It’s called action! Make a decision. Take action.

The secret to getting ahead is to first get started. Ask yourself, a year from now…five years from now…what are you gonna wish you had done today? Are you chipping away and creating a body of work to make yourself the absolute best? How big is your appetite for success? Are you moving closer to your goals or further away?

I have taken on the role to become the world’s strength coach aka “The People’s Coach.” But I am not what you think…

I have been knocked down many times in my life. I’m still the kid from Poughkeepsie who learned how to box, powerlift, play football, basketball and track, but graduated high school with a 5th grade reading level. I share this with you to let you know that I…like many of you out there…have also been shit on in my life and told I could never do this or that.

I was labeled learning disabled and stupid by many. (Fair enough. If I see someone struggle with a 315 squat, I say, “Man that dude is weak!”) One thing I don’t lack is determination, and I learned from those shitty days in school that if I wanted to reach my dreams that it would be a struggle.

I can admit I have a hard time reading, writing, and spelling. I’ll flat out admit it…I am not smart, but I am smart enough to know that success doesn’t come without struggle. Smart enough to be able to work for myself without going to college. Smart enough to be the inventor of the Sling Shot. Smart enough to be the editor and founder of a national newsstand publication. Every minute of every day is devoted to my vision of “Making the World a Better Place to Lift.” I pour everything I got into making myself, my team and the Power Project Army better.

Do you think I was able to build up ST, Power and the Sling Shot because I’m smart? Nope, that is not the case. It’s because I do not give up. I do not give in.


I could have easily let my dreams die with big manufacturers telling me they didn’t see how the Sling Shot could be profitable….hahahaha. Thank you for that by the way. I got two words for ya…Cha Ching! By the way, don’t accept bullshit knock offs of the Sling Shot. After all, what are those people doing for you other than reaching into your pocket? At least I’m giving you FREE advice all day on the YouTubes!

So I challenge all of you out there to do what I do. Do two things every single day toward your goal. This can include stretching for your sport, watching vids of yourself or others, reading to further educate yourself, working on perfecting techniques, eating properly to recover, lifting like a savage, really anything that helps you inch toward your goals.

My bodyweight is down from 295 to 250! I did it by doing two things every day towards my goal and not listening to BS from people (mainly myself) saying I can’t do it.

Are you moving closer to your goals or further away?
Remember the pain you endure today will be the strength you feel tomorrow!

Mark Bell
Powerlifter, Entrepreneur, Big Dummy

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I’m down 38 pounds (257)using John Kiefer’s CarbNite. From my all-time fattest I’m down over 73 pounds….Also I’d like to point out that since I started this journey CarbNite and CBL have exploded. Should I Mark Smelly Bell The People’s Coach take full credit for it….Fuck yes I should. Any if you have met Kiefer you have seen first hand that he looks like 100 nerds had a convention right on his head. Even worse then him being super smart, he has the personalty of a Thanksgiving day turkey, dry, lean and way too white. So the hype certainly can’t come from a dork like him. Hopefully all you up tight peeps can see that I’m being very sarcastic! Kiefer is a huge part of my success (along with’s Jesse Burdick) and I feel fortunate to have him write for every issue of Power.

People are identifying with what I’m doing because in strength sports we make sacrifices that sometimes include getting fat and unhealthy to be as strong as possible. Many of the lighter and leaner guys will say you don’t have to be fat to be strong and I’d agree to some extent. However, in MOST cases I think you’d find top level lifters 220lbs may be around 12% bodyfat or higher. I didn’t say all, I said most, the majority. When you get up over 250 you’ll find most guys are more like 15% and up and then heavier then that you’re looking at 20% +. You do have guys like KK, Efferding and Lillibridge that are very lean and extremely strong but those dudes have been that body type for some years. Plus Stan will add some fat and bloat to hit WR numbers. My point….My point is this, make sure you prioritize. If your currently 235 and your entering your 2nd power meet. DO NOT do CarbNite because Mark Bell is and you want to be 220. Stay big, focus on the weights on the platform not your weight on the scale. Dieting properly will not make you lose strength but losing bodyweight will make you lose leverages. AKA you can end up with shitty results on the platform. Make a decision, commit to a goal, however realize if your losing weight your strength can be compromised. I say it all the time losing weight going into a power meet is not ideal. Give yourself time if your trying to drop weight and realize it’s going to be a process. 
On the other end of that spectrum if you get too big and fat you may compromise your health which in turn will compromise your strength. I’d suggest for many of you out there to engage in a diet that will allow you to knock off some bloat but also add muscle. If your not a big diet person just try this. 

The fat ass guide to dieting, this is not any kind of diet to lean you out but rather just some simple guidelines to follow help shed some weight and be healthier.

2 general rules
1- no sugary drinks that includes gatorade, jamba juice, starbucks drinks. And this also includes post workout shakes. 
2- no fried food things like chips and fries are a waist of time.
3- if you have an occasion coming up where going to hog out then make sure you pre condition yourself for it. You have a few options for a birthday night of big time piggin. Don’t eat much at all for the entire day. Maybe you just have coffee and a protein shake or two. Or a small breakfast and an MP musclegel or 2. Another option, this can be done in addition to the first option if you’d like, get in some kind of full body conditioning/pump workout. Cardio type training, metabolic conditioning, super sets really what ever you’d like. But either one or both of these methods will help your body suck up all the junk your about to consume.

Rules for Non training days
1- Starve off/ hold off on your breakfast. Basically do your morning ritual and eat your breakfast 2 hours later then normal. 2-3 eggs and some bacon would be perfect. On the go grab a Starbucks breakfast samich and don’t eat the bread.

2- Avoid carbs the best you can for the entire day. Staying under 50 grams would be a good goal. You can eat as much fish, red meat, chicken and turkey as you’d like. Some pork is ok as well.

3- Have 1 protein shake on non training days

Rules for Training days
1- Have 2 protein shakes on training days. One post workout and the other when ever you’d like.

2- Try to only have your carbs around your workout. After you train is best but if you feel need some pre workout then go for it. I’d suggest having 2 meals with carbs post workout. 

What’s that about 8 rules? Pretty easy for even a Big Fatty to follow.
If your even lazier then I thought you can also just try not to eat a lot on your non training days. Try some of those suggestions and I bet you’ll drop a few Lbs you fat ass….opps sorry. One more comment if your fat don’t consume liquid post workout shakes. Instead try a product like Leuc-Sane from the lime-aid is pretty good. If you don’t want to go that route then get a whey protein isolate….what ever kind you like and slam down 60 grams or so of that. 

I’ll give you guys more insight to my diet within the next few days but I follow most of the above recommendations.

People keep asking about my strength levels while on this diet. To me the strength between my ears will be the deciding factor on if I can reach some of my goals. I feel strong and I have the base and experience to crush big weights. I just need to keep the flame burning inside and keep training my ass off. Strength is choice in my opinion, how bad do you want it? How hard will work for it? And when your up against tough times how will you react? That fucking fall with 1080 didn’t kill, But maybe it should have because that’s the only thing that will prevent me from going after these goals with everything I got. I have a pro total at 275, 308 and Shw. I will get an over 10x bodyweight total at 242 and another Pro Total. I want to bench over 8. That will be over 800 in 4 weight classes. I’d like to squat over a 1000 still and pull 800. All of that is one tall order and it may not happen right away but that’s the goal. 

I went out last night and ate like a pig and I went from 257 to 267! This can be fairly common so if it happens to yoou try not to cry the weight will come off fast!

This message is sponsored by

Mark Bell

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Powerlifting Tour

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Powerlifting Tour 

As many of you know Jesse Burdick and myself teach CrossFit Powerlifting seminars. 2 things some of you may not realize is that these seminars are available to everyone.  1) You don’t need to be a CrossFitter or own a CrossFit to come learn all you need to know about powerlifting and how to become stronger. Burdick and I cover powerlifting from top to bottom. We cover percentage training, how to train with bands and chains, how to become more explosive, GPP, Dynamic Effort, Max Effort, Repetition Effort, and how to program for yourself or the athletes you coach. The second thing you may not realize is that these seminars are SELLING OUT! So it’s important that you sign up early and reserve your spot. 

As I write this we are touching down in San Diego. We have 30 signed up for this event and we are fired up to put people through the ringer. Our seminars are not just us talking about books and science we actually put you under the bar. And to take a step further you can show up at 830-9am and watch Jesse and I get under the bar. Both of us are current competitive powerlifters. We are not JUST coaches we are athletes who have proven ourselves time and time again on the platform. As coaches we have resumes longer then Stacey Kiebler’s legs….Yeah remember her the 6’1 WWE bombshell that dated George Clooney for a  few years. Jesse and I both work with Crossfitters and Powerlifters everyday. We also have been touring the US for Crossfit for over a year now and the seminars just keep growing and improving. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to get stronger. Check below for details.

Patriot Games
Where: Easton Massachusetts Vagabond CF
When:  August 25-26
Sign Up:

Valley Girl
Where CF Valley, Van Nuys (So Cal)
When Sept 15-16

The ATL!
Where: CrossFit East Decatur (Decatur, Georgia)
When:  Oct 20-21
Sign up:

Colorado where the beer flows like wine!
Where: Frisco, CO CF Low Oxygen
When: Nov 10-11

Where: Oakland CA CSA
When: Dec 1-2 
More Info coming soon and sign up info at

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Head Position for Deadlifts

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“Broken” Neck Position
Where does one begin with this train wreck? Ok, peeps what will move first from this posiition? Think about it…. The athlete’s ass will be first to move and it will move upward via the knees straightening out to make more room for the barbell. This defect will take the hips out of the movement by having them too far away from the center of gravity. When the but moves up we will see more overextention/over arching. Remember wheather you are in flexsion (rounded) or Overextenion (over arched) you are NOT in an optimal lifting position. From the floor all the way to lockout the athlete will be out of position and they “fall behind” the momentum of the barbell.

Neutral Head/Neck Position
The back is flat and there is no slack in the lower body. The athlete will be able to use his hips as a hinge point. The lifter will be able to stay on top of or ahead of the momentum that he generates. This style creates a stronger more efficient pull for deadlifts or cleans.

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